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Welcome to The Swim!

Now that you're prepped for that adrenaline-filled jump, it's time to start visualizing the notorious Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon swim. Keep in mind, the San Francisco Belle empties quickly (6 to 7 minutes for all athletes to unload), and your official race time will start as soon as you cross the timing mat at the edge of the boat.  

There should be minimal chop because the race will start prior to the winds picking up (7:15 am jump time), but one can never be sure about mother nature. The current on race morning will be pulling participants west (towards the Golden Gate Bridge). As a result, all participants will swim across the current (right to left on the diagram below), and will be pulled in the correct direction, towards the front of the St. Francis Yacht Club and swim exit. 

If you need help while swimming, there will be more than 100 water crafts in the bay to assist you. You will see a mix of kayaks, small boats, jet skis, and stand-up paddle boarders. Should you need a minute to rest and reorient yourself, you can hold on to a kayak. Take a moment to settle and continue when you’re ready as this will not disqualify you. If you need to be re-positioned, you will be put on a small boat and re-positioned. You MUST listen to and abide by ALL aquatic personnel in the water as they are there to monitor the water and keep you safe and on course. The enforced cutoff time for The Swim is 8:30am. Anyone remaining in the water after 8:30am will be picked up by water safety personnel and repositioned 200 yards off-shore where they will be allowed to finish the race without penalty.  

Swim Exit Transition and Short Run to Main Transition 

When you finish the swim, depending upon the temperature, you may or may not want to take your wetsuit off prior to running to Marina Green. Please note, the longer you have the wetsuit on, the harder it is to take off once the water drains out of the suit. The bag you dropped off on Saturday will be laid out in the mini- transition area by swim exit. The bag should hold a small towel, a small water bottle to rinse the saltwater out of your mouth, and a pair of shoes to wear during the short run to the main transition at Marina Green. Once you are finished at the mini- transition, YOU are responsible for placing any items left at swim exit, including your wetsuit, INSIDE the plastic transition bag. Volunteers are NOT responsible for your items. There is also the option to simply carry this bag, and/or your wetsuit, back to the main Transition as you complete the warm-up run. Otherwise, the bag will be transported back to the bag corral located on the east side of Marina Green. 

Shoe Tip: This can be a “3 pairs of shoes” race. One pair can be left at Pier 3, one can be used for the short run from swim exit to Marina Green, and one can be used for the 8 mile run. If you use the same pair of shoes for the short swim exit run and the 8 mile run leg you will find the shoes will be heavy and waterlogged for the latter. This will make the run more challenging – especially the sand ladder.  

Swim Tip: This is a challenging, open-water swim. We suggest training in open water as often as possible. If you want to get a feel for the swim, we would encourage you to participate in the ESCAPE Aquathlon taking place June 10 or one of Water World Swim's clinics offered before Race Weekend

At this point, you are ready to transition to the bike. If you are competing in the swim for a relay team, you will be responsible for the warm-up run from swim exit to the transition at Marina Green. Your partner will be waiting there to retrieve your timing chip before tackling the bike leg of the race. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter.


The Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon Team 

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Want A Chance to Bypass the 2024 Random Drawing? 

Try your hand at The Luck of The Draw by registering for the 2023 ESCAPE Aquathlon! Participants with the top 5 swim times in this year's Aquathlon will be automatically granted “The Luck of the Draw”. The 5 Participants will have the opportunity to skip the Random Drawing process for the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon and will receive an invitation to register for a race entry into the following year’s Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon.

**This is a paid entry into the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon, NOT a complimentary race entry.**

Event Site 
The event site is located at Marina Green near the intersection of Marina Blvd and Scott Street, adjacent to St. Francis Yacht Club. 
Click for Map 
Travel to San Francisco, CA 
  - San Francisco International Airport (17 miles from event site) 
  - Oakland International Airport (25 miles from event site) 
Ground Transportation 
  - San Francisco is a bicycle friendly town MORE>> 
  - Great public transportation MORE>> 
  - World famous Cable Cars MORE>> 

June 10 – 11th is shaping up to be a busy weekend in San Francisco! If you haven't already, get your rooms booked soon. View the Lodging page on our website for more information.  



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