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Welcome to the Escape Aquathlon Swim newsletter.  


On Saturday (June 10) morning you will make your way down to Little Marina Green to set up your transition area. Once that is complete, you will board one of the shuttles bound for Pier 3 and the start boat, the Hornblower’s San Francisco Spirit.  
Shuttles from Little Marina Green to Pier 3 will start at 5:15 AM. The last shuttle to Pier 3 will depart at 6 AM. This shuttle is for athletes only.  
Be sure to bring one of the plastic gear bags you were given at packet pickup with you to Pier 3 Saturday morning. Any items you bring or wear on you that morning (i.e. sweatshirt or sandals) and do not want to take onto the boat should be placed in the bag.  Keep the items placed in this bag to a minimum and DO NOT bring valuables such as AirPods , wallets, cell phones and wedding rings. This bag will be taken from you at Pier 3 before you board the boat and transported back to Marina Green. You can retrieve your bag at the bag corral located behind the OOFOS Award Stage at Marina Green after you finish. 

Read more tips on setting up your Transition on race morning HERE. 

This is a 'One Way' boat cruise so be sure to only bring items you need for the swim. If there are items you need to have on the boat, but will not need while swimming, the Race Staff will have a special collection bin for those items. This support is NOT for AirPods, phones or similar devices. Again, please DO NOT bring AirPods, phones or other items of value with you in the morning. Items (i.e. glasses or asthma inhalers) left with the Race Staff can be retrieved at the Medical Tent at Marina Green.   
Here are a couple of other helpful tips for the boat ride out to the swim start:

  • Depending upon the air temperature, don't put your wetsuit on too early as this may cause you to overheat. There is plenty of time to put on your wetsuit as we sail out to the start location.  
  • Booties are allowed and encouraged during the swim, but gloves are NOT allowed.  
  • Consider bringing two pairs of goggles in case one pair unexpectedly breaks.   
  • Wearing a personal swim cap under the one you receive in your race packet can help provide some additional warmth. If you consider wearing a neoprene cap (aka a 'squid lid') for the swim, be sure to try it with a couple of practice swims before Race Day. Some athletes find that when they cover their ears they case lose up to 30% of your balance and 'feel' of the water. Not to mention that the chin strap could restrict your breathing.  

At 7:30am athletes will start to jump in order as dictated by Race Staff. Be sure to mentally visualize this swim and overcome any doubts you might have with positive self-talk, proper swim training and a no-excuse attitude. Some athletes have been hesitant to jump off the boat in the past, DON’T BE. This is the moment you’ve been training for and you are READY!!   
When you jump into water it is a huge shock to your system, so be prepared for the cold water (55-59 degrees). In the days leading up to the race, you may want to go to Aquatic Park by Ghirardelli Square, about a half mile east of Marina Green, and get in the San Francisco Bay for 10 to 20 minutes to feel the water temp. You could also take a few cold showers or soak in some cold water.  
There should be minimal chop because the race will start prior to the winds picking up, but one can never be sure about mother nature. The current on race morning will be pulling participants west (towards the Golden Gate Bridge). As a result, all participants will swim “across the river”, and will be pulled in the correct direction, towards the front of the St Francis Yacht Club and swim exit.  

If you need help while swimming, there will be more than 40 assets in the Bay to assist you. Should you simply need a minute to rest and reorient yourself, you can hold on to a kayak. Get settled, take a moment and keep going as this will not disqualify you. If you need to be repositioned, you will be put on a small boat and repositioned. You MUST listen to and abide by ALL the aquatic personnel in the water as they are there to assist you and keep you on course. There is a one hour cut off time for the swim. Anyone remaining after 60 minutes will be picked up and assisted to 200 yards off-shore where they will be allowed to finish the race without penalty. 



If you drop out before the swim, you will be considered a DNF and not be allowed to race.  

If you do not finish the swim course before the 8:30 AM cut-off, you will be picked up and brought to shore to continue the race. Please be sure to notify race officials if you decide to end your race and return your timing chip to race officials.  


The official swim cap, which you will receive at Packet Pick Up, MUST be worn during the entire swim.  If you have a latex allergy, you may bring a non-latex swim cap and you should alert a USAT official that you will be wearing one.  If possible, wear the cap we give you over your non-latex cap.  


Wetsuits are MANDATORY for this year's Escape Aquathlon, in accordance with USAT regulations and due to this year's extended heavy weather conditions. Wetsuits cannot exceed 5 mm in thickness. Additionally, gloves are now optional, but if they are worn, they must be approved by USAT referees prior to boarding the boat on Saturday morning. Gloves cannot aid propulsion (no swim resistance gloves, hand paddles, webbed gloves, or web-like construction between the fingers). Water temperatures are expected to be cooler and training in cold water is highly recommended.

Good luck with your training and have a great swim!  

The Escape Aquathlon Team 


Alcatraz Test Swim and Clinics With Water World Swim
Coming to San Francisco early to test out the water? Check out Water World Swim for their swim clinics. There will be clinics on Thursday, June 8 and Friday, June 9. Register now while spots are still available!  
June 8 Clinic 
June 9 Clinic at 6:30 AM  


Event Site 
The event site is located at Marina Green near the intersection of Marina Blvd and Scott Street, adjacent to St. Francis Yacht Club. 
Click for Map 
Travel to San Francisco, CA 
  - San Francisco International Airport (17 miles from the event site) 
  - Oakland International Airport (25 miles from the event site) 
Ground Transportation 
  - San Francisco is a bicycle-friendly town MORE>> 
  - Great public transportation MORE>> 
  - World famous Cable Cars MORE>> 

June 10 – 11th is shaping up to be a busy weekend in San Francisco! If you haven't already, get your rooms booked soon. View the Lodging page on our website for more information.  



Paid parking is available at the Palace of Fine Arts parking lot. 24 hr availability. 

15-minute walk to Marina Green. First come first served.  

Monitored security. For safety, please do not leave any valuables in the car. 

Address: 3399 Lyon St., San Francisco, CA 94123



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