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Welcome to The Bike!

Bike Expectations and Guidelines 

Following a successful swim from Alcatraz and a quick warm-up run to the transition area at Marina Green, you will embark on the second leg of your ESCAPE - the Bike. When preparing for the bike course, the first question on people's minds is: "What type of bike should I use?” There is no advantage to riding a triathlon/time trial bike on this particular course. Aero bicycles may look cool, but you can still look cool and have better handling on a traditional road configuration. If you want to incorporate adjustments a nice set of carbon rim wheels could help you climb the steep hills or a tiny pair of aero bars will have you dialed in for those very limited aero moments. 

The first mile of the bike course is flat, outside of some speed bumps that have been installed along Mason St. After you ride by all the cheering fans, take this time to quench your thirst and fuel up with some Isotonic. It’s important at this point to start fueling up with at least 100 calories before hitting those notorious San Francisco HILLS! You may be cold for the first 20 to 30 minutes of the bike portion, but keep pushing, you'll warm up soon.

  • Pro Tip: Zip tie hand warmers* (available at Sports Basement) to your handlebars when you set up your transition area on race morning to keep your hands warm during your ride.

Within the second mile of the bike course you are climbing. This course is hilly and technical. Therefore, we strongly advise that you get your bike tuned up 'to the nines' prior to arriving in San Francisco. Make sure your shifting components are running smoothly and your brakes are true and centered with fresh brake pads. Inspect your tires and replace prior to the event if needed. Leave yourself plenty of time to ride on them while still having enough good rubber left for June 11th

Sports Basement has a retail location less than a mile away from Marina Green with passionate and knowledgeable bike technicians who can help with any last minute adjustments or equipment needs. 

There is 1,200 feet of climbing and descending on the bike course. This is in addition to 10 left hand turns and 10 right hand turns over the 18 miles, so be advised that you will be turning or shifting every few minutes. By mile 2.5 you have climbed from sea level to 300 feet. At mile 5.5 you will reach the Legion of Honor, the highest point of elevation on course at 380 feet. Immediately after the Legion of Honor, there is some rough asphalt. Stay in control as you descend downhill to the Lincoln Park Golf Course. This is not where the race will be won, but it could be where you lose it. Maintain control as you descend 0.8 miles from the VA hospital to the Great Highway. There is newer asphalt on this portion of the course, so enjoy it, but use caution and stay in control. It is a good idea to wait to pass until you have reached Golden Gate Park. An additional challenge presented by this course are the 3 ¼ inch high speed bumps along JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park. There will be a total of nine (9) speed bumps on JFK Drive that you will navigate as you head back out of Golden Gate Park. Be sure to watch your speed as there is a gentle downhill on JFK Drive.  

If you have not entered Golden Gate Park before 9:20 AM, you will be re-routed back onto the Golden Gate Highway to return back to the Transition Area. You will not be disqualified if you do not make it into Golden Gate Park before 9:20 AM. After exiting Golden Gate Park, you are greeted with a 360 foot climb over 0.8 miles up to the VA Hospital. On Clement Street, in between 35th and 39th, you will notice that there are three (3) speed humps to keep traffic speeds down. Please watch your speed as you make your way back to transitions. We don't want anyone to hit these speed bumps too fast and possibly hurt themselves. 

As in previous years, there will be no aid stations on the bike course. However, there will be plenty of water and Isotonic at the transition aid station at Marina Green. 

Important Note on Passing: If you need to pass, do so on the left and courteously advise the athlete(s) of your maneuver. If you pass on a downhill, remain in control and use caution. If you pass on the uphill, make sure you have what it takes to complete the pass in a timely manner. 

  • Pro Tip:  Do not cross the yellow line as the road serves as the out and back for the bike course. This will help ensure that you do not endanger a fellow athlete or volunteer. Keep in mind the best and safest way to gain position within your age group is during the run. 

Please remember to view and print the COURSE MAP and bicycle elevation chart available on our website. Please remember to view and print the COURSE MAP and bicycle elevation chart available on our website. Remember to check out  

the instructional videos located in our RACE TIPS section of the website. There is invaluable insight and information that could be helpful on race weekend! 



The Escape From Alcatraz Team  

Check Out Our Latest Race Tips Video
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Charity Highlight
Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.) is honored to be the only local charity partner for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. With over 28 years of experience in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley, R.O.C.K.’s mission is to nurture the healthy development of children by listening attentively to their needs and bringing opportunities to those who might not otherwise have access. As the largest youth service provider in our community, we keep 900+ youth healthy and safe by providing outdoor adventures, recreation activities, and enrichment opportunities through our year-round programming. To volunteer or get involved, please visitrocksf.org.
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Try your hand at The Luck of The Draw by registering for the 2023 ESCAPE Aquathlon! Participants with the top 5 swim times in this year's Aquathlon will be automatically granted “The Luck of the Draw”. The 5 Participants will have the opportunity to skip the Random Drawing process for the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon and will receive an invitation to register for a race entry into the following year’s Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon.

**This is a paid entry into the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon, NOT a complimentary race entry.**

Event Site 
The event site is located at Marina Green near the intersection of Marina Blvd and Scott Street, adjacent to St. Francis Yacht Club. 
Click for Map 
Travel to San Francisco, CA 
  - San Francisco International Airport (17 miles from event site) 
  - Oakland International Airport (25 miles from event site) 
Ground Transportation 
  - San Francisco is a bicycle friendly town MORE>> 
  - Great public transportation MORE>> 
  - World famous Cable Cars MORE>> 

June 10 – 11th is shaping up to be a busy weekend in San Francisco! If you haven't already, get your rooms booked soon. View the Lodging page on our website for more information.  



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