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Welcome to the 3rd Annual Escape From Alcatraz Aquathlon!

Below, you will see a letter from our Escape Aquathlon Ambassador Raymond Braun, followed by race tips to help you prepare for the Transition and the Run.

We wish you the best in your training and look forward to seeing you all in San Francisco!    



Hi, I’m Raymond Braun and I’m excited to be participating in the Escape Aquathlon again this year! 

I love that there’s something for everyone in the Aquathlon - whether you’re a first-timer looking to dip your toe into the world of multi-sport, warming up for the big triathlon, giving your competitive spirit a chance to shine in the sprint format, or looking for a safe, fun opportunity to experience swimming in the Bay. 

The Aquathlon was the highlight of my Escape from Alcatraz weekend last year. I loved the tight-knit camaraderie on the boat as we headed out to Alcatraz, excitedly stretching and discussing the water conditions, and made several friends who I’m still in touch with today. The course runs fast and exhilarating, while providing the iconic rush of the start that makes EFAT so unique. 

I remember pausing for a few moments during the swim to take in the view of Alcatraz and the San Francisco skyline from the water. I’ll never forget the sense of awe and gratitude in that moment. I also felt so much more confident for the Triathlon after getting the firsthand experience of jumping off a boat to kickstart a race – that adrenaline cannot be matched! 

To help you from now until you cross the finish line, you will receive weekly email newsletters from the Aquathlon Organizers, full of information about how to prepare for the event and what to expect during the race weekend. I also recommend following Escape from Alcatraz on Instagram for more updates and training tips leading up to the race. I’ll be sharing my own journey of preparation on my account at instagram.com/raymondbraun.  If you have any questions, feel free to email the team at info@escapealcatraztri.com. I know from experience that they’re super helpful and passionate about helping you have the best race day. 

Wishing you all the best for your final month of training, and I’m looking forward to racing with you one month from today! 


P.S. There are still some slots available for the Aquathlon, so please encourage your friends and family to sign up! 



Transition will be located next to the Swim Exit at the Little Marina Green. The Transition area will be open from 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM on race day. You will set up your running gear on race morning. Any athlete who arrives after 6:00 AM will NOT have access to the Transition area. Only athletes who are wearing their wristbands and are body-marked will be admitted. 


At packet pick-up, all athletes will receive TWO (2) gear bags.  
When athletes arrive at Transition on Saturday morning, you will place your first gear bag at your numbered BIB spot in Transition (Gear Bag #1). This bag is to be used AFTER you finish the swim to hold your wetsuit, goggles etc. 
After setting up your Transition area, make your way to the shuttles in the parking lot of the Little Marina Green and bring your second gear bag with you!  
Athletes should put everything they need for the Swim Start into Gear Bag #2 (i.e. wetsuit, goggles, body glide, anti-fog, etc). Athletes will take this bag on the bus with them from Little Marina Green to Pier 3. Before boarding the San Francisco Spirit, you will place items that you brought with you to Pier 3, (but will not use/wear during the swim such as flip flops, sweater etc), into this bag. 
Gear bag #2 will be dropped at Pier 3 PRIOR to boarding the boat. Staff will collect and transport them to the Bag Corral at Marina Green for pick-up after the race. The Bag Corral is behind the main stage.  


You will stuff your wetsuit, goggles, and anything else you have into Gear Bag #1 in Transition at Little Marina Green. (You will not need this on the run course.) Be sure to tie it closed!  
As you begin to exit Transition to head out onto the run course, there will be large trash cans to drop Gear Bag #1. Gear Bag #1 will be transported back to the Bag Corral at Marina Green for pick-up after the race along with Gear Bag #2. 
Please do NOT place valuables in your gear bags. These items include phones, electronic devices, wedding rings, lucky t-shirts, favorite hats, etc. PLEASE make sure your name and phone number are written in your wetsuit, and write your Bib # on your Gear bags, and any contents with the bag.  Items can, and have, fallen out of the bags.    
All gear check items will be available for pick up at the Bag Corral located just behind the OOFOS Award Stage. All items must be picked up before 4 PM on Saturday.



After exiting the swim, athletes will enter Transition at Little Marina Green where they will change and begin a 5k run along the Crissy Field Costal trail, heading west towards the Golden Gate Bridge, and looping back at the Warming Hut to conclude the run in the finish chute at Marina Green.  

There is 1 aid station on the run course, and it is at the halfway point at the Warming Hut. Be sure to stop at the aid station to stay hydrated along the course with Prime Hydration.  

The finish chute and finish line are located at Marina Green adjacent to the Fitness Festival Expo. Friends and family will have the opportunity to watch alongside the finish chute to cheer on their favorite athletes, but please remember, for safety's sake, only athletes are allowed IN the finish chute. 
As you cross the finish line, enjoy the moment, absorb the power of your accomplishment, feel the passion around you, embrace it, pass it on - life is good.  
You will enter the finish corral and then move on towards the athlete pavilion where you will receive your finisher's medal and rehydrate with Arrowhead water. This is also where you will return your timing chip, warm down and receive medical or massage assistance if necessary. 
As you enter the finish corral, be aware of other participants crossing the finish line and any cameras and/or press. We want to make sure everyone can cross the finish line easily and that cameras are not blocked from the finish line view. Go get some warm clothes on and head to the athlete food area, the Fitness Festival and the Awards Ceremony.  


  • No headphones, cell phones, or devices of any kind that play music.  
  • Emergency conditions may occur during the race. Please pay attention to your surroundings and follow the directions of course marshals, Police and safety personnel.   
  • Respect the land and our waterways. Do not litter. Trash cans are available in Transition and at the aid station. 

Thanks for reading. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter where we'll be covering the Swim Tips.

The team at Escape From Alcatraz Aquathlon

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Event Site 
The event site is located at Marina Green near the intersection of Marina Blvd and Scott Street, adjacent to St. Francis Yacht Club. 
Click for Map 
Travel to San Francisco, CA 
  - San Francisco International Airport (17 miles from the event site) 
  - Oakland International Airport (25 miles from the event site) 
Ground Transportation 
  - San Francisco is a bicycle-friendly town MORE>> 
  - Great public transportation MORE>> 
  - World famous Cable Cars MORE>> 

June 10 – 11th is shaping up to be a busy weekend in San Francisco! If you haven't already, get your rooms booked soon. View the Lodging page on our website for more information.  



Paid parking is available at the Palace of Fine Arts parking lot. 24 hr availability. 

15-minute walk to Marina Green. First come first served.  

Monitored security. For safety, please do not leave any valuables in the car. 

Address: 3399 Lyon St., San Francisco, CA 94123



May 1: #1 Welcome! The Run and The Transition  

May 18: #2 The Swim

May 25: #3 Race Weekend

June 2: #4 Athlete Guide

June 8: #5 Last Minute Race Information