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Welcome to The Jump!

On Sunday morning, June 11th, you will make your way down to Marina Green to set up your transition area. Once that is complete, you will board one of the buses bound for Pier 3 and the start boat, City Cruise’s San Francisco Belle. 

Be sure to bring one of the plastic transition bags you were given at packet pickup to Pier 3 Sunday morning. Any items you bring or wear that morning (i.e. sweatshirt or sandals) and do not want to take onto the boat should be placed in the bag. Keep the items placed in this bag to a minimum and DO NOT bring valuables such as phones and wedding rings. This bag will be taken from you at Pier 3 before you board the boat and transported back to Marina Green. You can retrieve your bag at the bag corral located on the east side of Marina Green after you finish (more details about the transition bags will be in the upcoming newsletter "Transition Tips"). 

This is a 'One Way' boat cruise so be sure to only bring items you need for the swim. If there are items you need to have on the boat, but will not need while swimming (i.e. glasses or asthma inhalers), the Race Staff will have a special collection bin for those items. This support is NOT for electronics. Please DO NOT bring phones or other items of value with you in the morning. Items left with the Race Staff can be retrieved at the Medical Tent adjacent to the finish line at Marina Green.  

Here are a couple of other helpful tips for the boat ride out to the swim start: 

  •  Depending upon the air temperature, don't put your wetsuit on too early as this may cause you to overheat. There is plenty of time to put on your wetsuit as we sail out to the start location.
  • Booties are allowed and encouraged during the swim, but gloves are NOT allowed.
  • Consider bringing two pairs of goggles in case one pair unexpectedly breaks. If you happen to forget something, support team members will be walking around the Hornblower to assist athletes.
  • Wearing a personal swim cap under the one you receive in your race packet can help provide some additional warmth. If you consider wearing a neoprene cap (aka a 'squid lid') for the swim, be sure to try it during a couple of practice swims before Race Day. Some athletes find that covering their ears causes them to lose up to 30% of their balance and 'feel' of the water. Additionally, the chin strap could restrict your breathing.
  • The energy on the boat is electric, use it to your advantage, whether it’s making friends, stretching, or meditating. 

At 7:15am athletes will start to jump in order as dictated by Race Staff and positioning on the boat. As you prepare to jump, be sure to mentally visualize the swim and overcome any doubts you might have with positive self-talk, proper training and a no-excuse attitude. DO NOT hesitate to jump. This is the moment you’ve been training for and you are READY! 

It is highly recommended to jump with your arms out and your legs shoulder width apart. Once you hit the water bring your arms down. This will keep you closer to the surface and allow you to swim away from the boat quicker. It will take approximately six to seven minutes for all 2,000 participants to jump and begin the race. 

Jumping into the San Francisco Bay is a huge shock to your system, so be prepared for the cold water (57-60 degrees Fahrenheit). In the days leading up to the race, you may want to go to Aquatic Park by Ghirardelli Square, about a half mile east of Marina Green, and get in the San Francisco Bay for 10 to 20 minutes to acclimate. You could also take a few cold showers or soak in some cold water to better prepare. 

Stay tuned for next week's newsletter, where we'll dive into details on the swim!  



The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon Team 

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If so, please encourage them to submit The Healy Foundation ("THF") Scholarship application. 

THF provides scholarships to college juniors and seniors in financial need that experience unexpected hardship (e.g., death of a parent, illness, parental unemployment). THF is honored to participate in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon (EFAT) to raise funds for these deserving college students as unexpected hardship jeopardizes their academic aspirations and their path to financial security. We are thrilled to be a charity partner of EFAT and would love to support students in or known by the EFAT community.

The Healy Foundation team still has a few roster slots available for the 2023 EFAT, if you or anyone you know would like to join our team, please reach out to jamesf@healyfoundation.org 

For more information about THF, please visit www.healyfoundation.org.


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